Around the French Riviera

Nothing impresses and relaxes you like the surroundings of Nice and the Côte d'Azur. Once you've been here, you're bound to want to return. Such a desire is justified. This corner of France is a biblical paradise on earth. A mild climate, azure waters of the Mediterranean, snow-white sands, fresh air. And all this neighbours with pristine nature, masses of attractions, world-famous resorts, complemented by modern infrastructure. Many people dream to plunge into all this.

Especially since it is simply impossible to resist such magnificence of pleasures! Complementing the magic and attraction of the Nice and Côte d'Azur surroundings are of course the towns of Cannes, Menton, Antibes, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Saint-Paul-de-Vence. There are almost all the treasures of the region, from stunning villas, to luxury boutiques, to legendary museums, ancient castles and historical monuments. To capture these highlights and more, a tour around the Côte d'Azur will prove irreplaceable and effective.

Fascinating programme

Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo undoubtedly captivate visitors and satisfy the most discerning clients. However, there are plenty of other places whose cultural and scenic delights are well regarded by South Palmyra devotees. A successful role model is Antibes, an ancient city, beach resort and mecca for artists. Its popularity is increasing every year. After all, it offers not only a museum with a collection of works by P. Picasso, but also an ancient fortress called Fort Carré.

In the chambers of Antibes you can also wander freely, knowing that it was here from under the pen of writer F. Fitzgerald's novel "Gentle Night" came out. Equally enlightening is a visit to the secluded Saint-Paul-de-Vence, full of religious monuments. Among the latter are the Chapel of the rosary, the Chapel of the Fellowship of White Sinners and the Collegiate Church, whose histories are quite entertaining. The Esperon Tower and the Loophole Tower, both part of the fortifications, are also attractive. The Bastion of the Dauphin and the Citadel round out the town's defences, which have been well preserved.