Must see in French Riviera

Can you imagine the Côte d'Azur without cities such as Nice, Cannes, Nimes, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Carcassonne, Bouzig, Avignon, Grasse? Hardly. They're always featured in guidebooks, guided tours and even pilgrimage itineraries. The number of attractions in these places is staggering and admiring at the same time. And this should not come as a surprise. For besides the rich historical and cultural heritage, you can also make the most of the favourable climatic conditions. A modern infrastructure, extraordinary nature and beautiful views round off the advantages.

However, there are also two authentic cities that make an indelible and pleasant impression. We are talking about two magical gems of the French Riviera - Menton and Saint-Tropez, which have become for many fans an attractive "Mecca". What is so interesting about the former? First of all Menton is considered the citrus capital of France. For here the citrus orchards bloom and bear fruit almost all year round. It is also a resort town and a port, just 30km from Nice. To get here, the best way is to take a comfortable and affordable shuttle service to Menton.

Menton and Saint-Tropez must-see stops
Menton is also renowned for its old town, dominated by its medieval quarters. Alongside this, sights such as the ancient fort, the miniature Anglican Church, and the Palais de Europa deserve special attention. Many visitors prefer to stroll through the alleys of the magnificent gardens, which are lush with lemons, oranges and palm trees. Equally fun and tempting is the alluring St Tropez area which can be accessed via a verified transfer in St Tropez.

Not surprisingly, St Tropez is packed full of attractions. For example, among the highlights is the medieval Citadel fortress that used to be a reliable bastion of protection. There is now a naval museum here. If you want to relax, you can head to Lys Square, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee under the shade of plane trees and listen to impromptu musical performances. The legendary Butterfly Museum is especially popular, with its butterfly collection, ant colony and spider family. The tour ends with a tour of the locations where the legendary film 'Gendarme of Saint-Tropez' was filmed.