Must see on French Riviera

Those who have been to the French Riviera at least once will always have something to remember. Unparalleled cuisine, excellent wine, sumptuous surroundings, "spiced up" by organically white beaches and a sea glaze. Complemented by incredible diving, incomparable fishing, mountain climbing that takes your breath away. There are many unbeatable synonyms for a stay on France's Côte d'Azur. And with such a verdict is impossible not to agree. Countless holidaymakers, pilgrims, travellers from all over the world flock here.    

The alluring "menu" is complemented by all sorts of benefits for which customers are prepared to pay a high price. What's more, there are an incredible number of towns and places in the region, whose popularity is the envy of many competitors. It remains only to translate the cherished plans in practice, in order to experience the charm and novelty of staying in South Palmyra. In such endeavours everyone can not do without such a convenient and comfortable service as a transfer on the Cote d'Azur. A safe and mobile drive is key to successfully achieve all your goals!

A fascinating stay        

It should come as no surprise that most clients are familiar with cities such as Nice or Cannes. Their beauty and splendour "swoon". However, these gems offer an incomparable time. While Nice is associated with the Promenade des Anglais, the Chateau de la Chateau, and the Cathedral of Nicolas, Cannes is represented by the Croisette, the Maison des Moules, and the quartier de la Suquet. The list of places to visit includes others that are no less interesting. Among the latter is the legendary Saint-Tropez, where many police and romantic films have been filmed.

Here you can see the entertaining Butterfly Museum, the mysterious Chateau Suffren, the Museum of the Annunciation. The famous Monte Carlo remains a magical attraction. It invariably combines the spirit of excitement with the genius of architecture. The epitome of such an idea is the eponymous and world-famous casino. And then there are the Grimaldi Prince's Palace and Princess Grace Kelly's Japanese Garden, whose charm and splendour transport the visitor to heaven. Lastly, you should visit enticing Antibes for a visit to the Botanical Gardens, the Picasso Museum and the Marineland aquatic entertainment complex.