Lavender fields

Have you ever been to a place where the beautiful flower called lavender fields? If not, then welcome to the French region of Provence! This is where you can see these enchanting "creatures" with your own eyes and hear a lot about them as well. The province of Luberon is home to the famous lavender oasis. There is nothing more beautiful than to be in the midst of this beauty, to breathe in the incredible fragrance of the plants. Unhurried walks, enlightening stories and unique photo sessions are indispensable.  

In addition, you get to enjoy the immediacy of the flowers themselves and the opportunity to touch them. All that remains is to plan a trip at an appropriate time. For lavender begins to bloom from mid-June until the end of August. An introductory tour of the lavender fields will, of course, help to achieve your goals. Such a tour is not only justified by the extensive information and entertainment programme, but also by its affordable price. The growing popularity of the service is an eloquent proof of that.

The magical fairytale that many people dream of
No matter where in France you are during your summer holiday, a visit to the lavender region is a must. This preference, according to connoisseurs, guarantees a lot of pleasant impressions and desired emotions. An unforgettable trip from Nice to the lavender fields is a particular treat for holiday-makers and travellers on the French Riviera. What makes them so special, the reader may ask? Apart from the lavender fields in Provence, there are many other attractions to see.

For instance, one has to set foot on the legendary Route des Napoléons to reach their destination. This is the route Emperor Napoleon took on his return from the island of Elba in 1815. A stop near the Verdon Gorge is no less interesting. The breathtaking view of the gorge and the Artubi arch bridge astound visitors to the core. And what a visit to the authentic Provençal village of Aegina, visiting one of the largest lakes in France, St Croix du Verdon, is worth. Lastly, a long-awaited visit to the 44-metre Silence waterfall on the Bresque River.